lauren + levi - married

June 25, 2016

They met on the field of a varsity football game in high school. Levi was working on a project for his video production class while Lauren was photographing for the yearbook. Their instant connection was undeniable underneath the bright lights. Lauren knew in that moment that she would spend the rest of her life with Levi. 

Five years later on a cold November morning, Levi told her he needed help with a last minute video project that was due in two days. He told her it was based on a scene from Gone with the Wind, which is one of Lauren’s favorite films. The sun was below the horizon when she woke up. She dolled herself up more so than usual before they headed to a nearby park to film the last scene. Knowing Lauren loves to make decisions, Levi let her chose the spot they would set up. Levi pushed “play” and they headed to the top of a secluded hill with the sun rising slowly behind them. He put his arm around her and asks “Are you ready?”… By this time Lauren knew this wasn’t a scene from the movie but she went along with it blindly. Levi dropped to one knee and asked Lauren if she would spend the rest of her life with him. Of course she said, YES! 

Levi combined 5 years of memories to create a short film, which served as their engagement announcement. You can watch the video here