emma & michael: engagement in tacoma, wa

My fiancé and I are currently traveling the US while he is on a travel nursing assignment in Tacoma, WA. He overheard a girl in his orientation talking about needing engagement photos. Luckily, he chimed in and gave Emma my email address... she contacted me instantly. 

Planning a photoshoot around Washington & nursing schedules is a task we were willing to take on! We waited...and waited.. Finally, the perfect day made itself present. We instantly knew that Emma & Michael would become dear friends of ours even after the photoshoot. They brought their precious dog, Pete, along for the ride. Mount Rainier made itself known as well as the beautiful sun rays that popped through the trees. 

I recently bought Holt a Mavik Pro Drone for this birthday and we were finally able to use it in one of our photoshoots!!! This means we are now experimenting with drone work for each client. If this is something you're interested in, let's create. 

Emma & Michael will be celebrating their wedding in Nebraska on July 29, 2017. We could not be more happy for these two! We love you guys!